I know that the Black Friday sale is just another marketing tactic to consume more and more. And I say this because in Europe (as well as in this part of the world) we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving since it is not a part of our culture and tradition, so then Black Friday sale shouldn’t be on either! Although, we (as a globalised world) still adopt the different ways of consumerism, which is only another excuse to buy and spend a little bit more. For me, Black Friday sale is the best deal I have for my Xmas presents, but I must admit that I also take advantage of it because I end up getting things for myself.
Just leaving aside the pros and cons of the Black Friday and since this is a fashion blog, I would like to show you what I got on sale last Friday. Unfortunately, I still haven’t received the items but I will provide you the links below in order to show what I got.
Surprise, surprise! I got a few items from Zara: a Fringed Checked Shirt, a tri-coloured pleated skirt
and the high waist jeans in estilla blue.
And I also ordered this cool pair of shoes from Superdry in khaki colour:

I actually love every single item I bought and can´t wait to receive them all. I promise I will be showing them to you once that happens! 😉
What did you get on Black Friday?
Have a great week ahead!

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