Christmas fashion style ideas – the festive season is here and most of us are having events that we have to attend. As well as deciding which events to attend, we importantly must decide what to wear for each occasion. To avoid this issue, I will give you some festive ideas for succeeding with your outfits during this hectic Christmas period.

1. All that glitters

Zara has launched a collection of long, midi and short sequin dresses, skirts and even shoes.

All that glitters
All that glitters
All that glitters
All that glitters

2. Velvet

Velvet has become one of the essential fabrics in every woman´s closet. Just surfing the web, I have found and selected some of the dresses that Bershka is selling this season.

Velvet dress
Velvet dress
Velvet dress
Velvet dress

See also here.

3. Lace, an essential in your Christmas fashion style ideas

Lace is a fabric that never goes out of fashion. It represents a very classy and romantic style. So if you want to be sexy as well as elegant in these holidays, go for a lace dress similar to the one shown below from Asos.

lace dress

4. Gold, Silver and Bronze, a classic of the Christmas fashion style ideas

It is the season of wearing the black colour but also gold and silver and bronze. For those who like to be seen, here are some of the options:

Falda Beymen You can get this Beymen skirt here.

Bronze dress From Asos.

5. Tuxedo

It is becoming more and more popular to get dressed up for special occasions in a tuxedo. I find it very sensual and sophisticated, although I haven’t got myself one yet.

6. Leather

Leather leggings and skirts are a classic. It gives a more casual appearance but undoubtedly is a style that never fails. Uterqüe knows much about it and it has such a unique collection of leggings, skirts, dresses and jackets which are fabulously lovely.

Leather pants

7. Jumpsuits

It is a great option for those who don´t feel like wearing skirts or dresses. You can see below some of the ones that H&M and Topshop sell.

Jumpsuit H&M

Jumpsuit Topshop

What will you wear for this festive season?

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