When someone asks me “what do you want for Christmas?”, it is a matter of fact that wishes are those that are not bought with money, and they have to do with the wellbeing of all my loved ones. But it is also true, and I am not going to lie, that if I receive any gift at Christmas, I also have my preferences. That is why I like writing my Christmas Wish List. It gives an idea of what I am after, which happens to be very useful for especially my hubby and mum, since they are the ones who usually get crazy when looking for a present. Here it goes:

1. Jewellery box from Zara Home, essential in this year´s Christmas wish list

I have been looking for it such a long time and it took me so long too to find the right one. When it comes to homeware, Zara Home is one of the best brands. In particular, this one is very spacious, since it counts with three drawers with the top drawer especifically for holding rings, so I will be able to fit all my accessories.

Jewellery box
Zara Home Jewellery box

2. Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid bag (it might come out from the Christmas wish list)

It might come out from the Christmas wish list since it seems to be sold out everywhere online. Let´s hope that the Santa Claus´ elves can find it.

Gigi Hadid TH bag
Gigi Hadid TH bag

3. These earrings from Tous

See here.

4. “The Kiss” luggage cover in fabric

This is the coolest luggage cover in fabric with the printing of the “The Kiss” painting by Gustav Klimt. If your suitcases always get dirty when travelling, this fabric cover is the most practical thing. Designed by Iro Iro art, an artist from my hometown, who also creates amazing accessories and clothes. Here´s his website.

The Kiss case in fabric
The Kiss case in fabric

5. New Balance (WR996GB)

Finally, a pair of New Balance. I have been wanting these smart trainers for a long time but I never decided what model and type to get until I saw these ones.

And you, have you written your Christmas Wish List yet?

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